Successful CARE Gold event at The Big Shed

Sean Arbuthnot Latest News 27/03/2019

Every year, practitioners who have successfully completed the St. Philips CARE (Confidently Addressing Radicalisation and Extremism) Course are invited to attend a free, one-day seminar to update their learning and delve a little bit deeper into the issues raised by extremism.

This year’s seminar took place on 26th March at The Big Shed Conference Centre, Leicester. It was a great success and was thoroughly enjoyed by all attendees thanks to an array of fantastic speakers, including a local Channel mentor who spoke about how he supports people who are vulnerable to Islamist extremism, and a former far right Prevent referral who told the engrossed audience how he had been prominently involved in groups like the English Defence League and Britain First before Prevent helped him turn his life around.