Reclaim Radical

Young people in Leicester have created a series of films spelling out the difference between ‘radical’ and ‘radicalised’.




The films have been developed with the help of the city council’s youth service, the Prevent programme and local film company Badshoes Film.


The idea is that the films can be used by professionals who work with young people to spark debate and create a ‘safe space’ in which to talk about radicalisation and other contentious issues.


Haleemah Patel, one of the city council’s young advisors, said: “This project has been driven by young people. We understand the need for clear and constructive dialogue around world issues and topics such as Prevent.


“We need to feel safe and empowered to ask the questions we are often unable to articulate without the fear of causing offence or upset. This is one way of making sure that young people are given the chance to ask, and to explore the answers they are looking for.”


The toolkit can be downloaded here (PDF format).


The videos are available here.