What kinds of work will be done as part of the Leicester Prevent delivery plan?

The local Prevent Delivery Plan is a comprehensive and detailed document, but some of the things it includes are:


Community Engagement. Leicester’s approach to Prevent will be to help communities themselves to identify and challenge violent extremism in an appropriate way.

Community engagement will also help to identify the local, national or international issues and events that may drive people to support violent extremist causes.


Channel. One of the main elements of our Prevent work is a programme called Channel, whereby people who are assessed as being vulnerable to supporting violent extremism are provided with support to help them change. Channel has been operating successfully in Leicester for about five years, and covers all forms of extremism. The support that is offered is tailored for each case, and could consist of help with family problems, mental health support, mentoring, religious support and others. People who are referred to Channel are not criminals; but may be at risk of committing an offence if not supported.


Safeguarding and training. Prevent work includes training staff who work in communities or with individuals and families to spot people who may be at risk of supporting violent extremism and refer them for support (for example to Channel). This is similar to safeguarding people who may be at risk from abuse.


Support for organisations and individuals to challenge extremist ideology. Many people and groups want to work actively to change extremist ideology, and uphold the values of tolerance, democracy, cohesion, equality, the rule of law and freedom of speech. This is most powerful when it comes from within communities themselves. The Prevent Delivery Plan will identify activities and projects to help this to happen.


Opportunities for  communities to debate  issues relating to extremism. Prevent work will include opportunities for people to learn about, debate and question issues that can be linked to extremism, for example with local leaders and with representatives from the Foreign Office or US Embassy. Forthcoming events will be advertised on this website.