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Blogs | 27/10/2018

Here’s how we should combat radical right-wing terrorism

On 22 May 2017, an Islamist suicide bomber detonated his bomb outside an Ariana Grande pop concert at the Manchester Arena. His chosen target was guaranteed to kill the most innocent in our society, young people, predominantly teenage girls enjoying a night of music and dancing.

Blogs | 03/09/2018

Reciprocal Radicalisation- practical examples of Prevent support

As a practitioner working in Prevent I am always grateful for the opportunity to engage with and learn from academia. Whilst I cannot profess to have any theoretical or conceptual expertise in areas such as “cumulative or reciprocal radicalisation” or “interactive escalation,” I do feel that my personal experiences of working in counter terrorism can draw out effective examples of how extremist views can amplify each other, and how we can support vulnerable people through positive, tailored interventions.

Blogs | 28/08/2018

“Taking our children”- Why radical right extremists prey on our deepest human fears

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”
These fourteen words have been seared into white supremacist folklore.

Latest News | 26/07/2018

Love Island meets Prevent

Our augmented reality RealTalk workshop which tackles far right extremism and fake news has so far been to over 20 schools and colleges throughout Leicestershire. But in June, Gateway College hosted a RealTalk workshop with a difference. ITV’s Love Island forged an unlikely partnership with Prevent as former contestant Camilla Thurlow visited the college to see RealTalk in action as […]

Blogs | 10/07/2018

Prevent: Building resilience to radicalisation through critical thinking

As a practitioner who has worked in Prevent since 2013, I am well aware that it is not
without controversy. Some of its ardent critics would say that it has a “chilling effect”
on free speech and open debate, particularly within education. However, as the
Prevent Duty guidance states, the very opposite should be true. In fact, building
children’s resilience to radicalisation through debate, decision-making, citizenship and
the development of critical thinking skills is one of the cornerstones of Prevent in

Latest News | 02/07/2018

Blackburn seminar on far right extremism

In June, Prevent colleagues in Blackburn and Darwen Council’s Community Safety Team invited Sean Arbuthnot to deliver a presentation at an Extremism Seminar at Blackburn Town Hall. Attended by professionals from across Lancashire, the purpose of the event was to raise awareness of far right extremism and how to counter it. Among the special guests addressing the conference were […]