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Real Talk visits Leicester City FC

Sean Arbuthnot Latest News 07/11/2019

Our augmented reality project, Real Talk, has continued to deliver interactive sessions to young people from all over the city, raising awareness of far right extremism and challenging stereotypes about Muslim communities. Our partner organisation, Streetvibe Young Peoples Service, recently accompanied Prevent Coordinator Sean Arbuthnot to demonstrate the workshop to senior officials from the Home Office where it was very well received. […]

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Latest News | 25/09/2019

RSIS Countering Extremism Conference

Prevent Coordinator Sean Arbuthnot has recently returned from a brief trip to Singapore where he spoke at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) workshop on “Countering Extremism: The Next Lap.” The conference featured a diverse and distinguished group of speakers as it focused on upstream counter extremism measures. Sean spoke about the UK’s Prevent strategy and the unique model of […]

Latest News | 11/09/2019

Game On in Leicester

One of this year’s Prevent projects is “Game On,” a workshop delivered by Reveal Theatre that uses theatre technique, presentations and discussion based workshops that enable young people to understand extremist views and unpick harmful narratives. In September “Game On” was delivered to nearly 100 students over five days at Darul Uloom Boys School in Leicester. […]

Blogs | 30/06/2019

Mentoring the Radical Right: Talking to a Channel Referral and his mentor

“The main reason I left the far right was because of my mentor’s guidance.” (Jack, former Prevent referral.) Every year in the UK, Prevent helps hundreds of people leave extremist ideologies behind and walk a safer path. One of the ways in which it does this is through Channel – a voluntary, confidential programme that […]

Blogs | 26/04/2019

Talking Terror Podcast: Prevent

Talking Terror is a podcast series presented and produced by Dr. John F. Morrison, a senior lecturer in criminology at Royal Holloway, University of London. In the episodes John talks to world leading experts of terrorism and extremism about their research findings and its impact. These conversations will allow the listener to get an in-depth […]

Latest News | 07/04/2019

Home Office Permanent Secretary visits Leicester

In February the Prevent Coordinator hosted the Home Office Permanent Secretary, Sir Philip Rutnam, during his visit to Leicester. The purpose of the VIP visit was to explore local Prevent delivery, particularly in education. The day began with a visit to Madani School for a roundtable discussion on Prevent, but the highlight was undoubtedly a lesson […]